Monday, February 28, 2011

Public Affairs Begin

This week we had an invitation by this extraordinary couple to be their guests at the Rotary International of Burundi Club Meeting. At the encouragement of our Mission President, we accepted the invitation.  This exceptional  woman  is the landlord of the chapel that we use each week.  She has been a great blessing to us as well as the people in Bujumbura!  She is known by everyone for her excellent business and people skills. Her husband was so interesting to visit with. He is an international businessman having helped 29 countries with their economic plans.  They are both very intelligent and involved in improving the conditions of the country of Burundi. This night also happened to be their 29th Wedding Anniversary!
This was a special Rotary Dinner with the Second Vice-President of Burundi as the guest speaker.

This was a well attended dinner with many honorable guest speakers.

At our particular table, we also had another couple that have lived in Bujumbura for 20 years. She was born in Russia and he in Germany.  Needless to say, the conversation was very interesting.  We enjoyed their company very much!

The buffet that was prepared was delicious with Sangala (the fish from Lake Tanganyika that is excellent), roast beef, potatoes, rice, many cooked and fresh vegetables and fried plantains.

Then the Burundian dancers came!  The style of their dancing was different than any I have seen.  It was in the tradition of the ancient dances of this country.  The upper body stays almost motionless except for the arms extended in very slow motion .  The hips are still but the legs tapped quickly with bells on their ankles.  The third part of the dance was the extreme joy on their faces. It was almost like watching a bird in flight.

There were two young men and a young woman.  Here the young woman isdressed in gold with a gold headband and her arms are extended. It was truly beautiful and peaceful to watch. The musicians played a song with words that EVERYONE but us knew.  The entire audience began singing this slow, soft chant.

Then they began to pull people  from the audience to join them.  Guess who was the very first draftee???  You guessed it, Elder Frogley!! He wasn't sure what was going on but he did his dignified best.  Soon there were many, many people dancing. It was a unique look into the culture of Burundi.
When we went to church on Sunday, several people mentioned that they had seen us last night.
When we asked, "Where?" 
They answered, "Well, Rotary."
We answered, " Oh, were you there?"
They answered , "No! But we saw you on National Television ." 

"....I say unto you, and this is wisdom, make unto yourselves friends with mammon..." (D&C 82:22)

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