Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Branche Callings

It was another beautiful Sabbath day in Bujumbura! The newly begun "3 hour block" ran beautifully today in the Branche. Durng the Sacrament Meeting, there were six confirmations of those baptized last week: the three Minos men and Juvenal, Alexis, and Jean Claude!! They were also sustained by the branche members to recieve the priesthood, as well.  They were warmly congratulated and welcomed into the service of the Lord.

Today in the Branch de Bujumbura, Sister Magnifique (center), the Relief Society President, recieved two new counselors, Rose (left) and Veronique (right)! They will be a sensitive, powerful trio in meeting the needs of the Sisters!!

The Sunday School President is Frere Brian Willis (center).  His Counselor is Frere Jean Rene (left). Frere Jean Claude (right)  has accepted the call as the secretary for the Sunday School organization! Jean Claude's baptism last week was a beautifully timed blessing so that he could serve His Savior!

Sister Anne-Marie is our new President de la Primaire!! She has been taught the gospel all of her life by loving, devoted parents who love the Lord  and now has the privilege of sharing those truths with these wonderful new minds and hearts!
There was much excitement as these calls were made! 

Frere Thaddee is the new Branche Mission Leader! He is a natural at missionary work even before the call!

 "Oh, Lord, pour out thy Spirit upon thy servant(s), that (th)ey may do this work with holiness of heart."
Mosiah 18:12

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  1. It must be beyond exciting to see it all become organized, knowing it's the Lord's law and how He runs His Church. I'm thrilled to be able to watch it even this far away. Keep up the amazing and miraculous work. You're in my prayers and my heart always!! LY!