Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Moods of Lake Tanganyika in the Heart of Africa

Lake Tanganyika is the life source for many millions of people in Africa. She serves people in four different countries including Burundi, Democractic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Zambia.
  She seems to be a bit moody.  Here, she looks to be a bit mischievious and naught, with an undercurrent of knowlege that she can affect how people behave.
Melancholy and alone is what she is portraying in the late hours of this day. 
Other days she is happy, optimistic and even jubilant to have these young boys on her shore.
Aggravated, annoyed and cranky is what she feels as she stirs up a little trouble for the fisherman.
As she nurtures the many fouls that feed in her waters....
she is encouraging in helping them to take flight.
She is loving and accepting of the many who need her so desperately.
She can be peaceful and pacified and allow the many clouds to gather within her skies.
Then suddenly, she can take a calm fishing trip and begin to get upset and blustery, as they race to the shore for safety!
Hours later the sun can come back out and she is calm, serene and peaceful again, so men can continue to fish with their  hand-made nets for food.
When she gets a little too excited and energetic the winds can kick up and seem threatening.
Her moods can include being satisfied and lethargic.
However, you must beware when she becomes dark, depressed or disappointed.
You need not worry. By sunset, she will calm down and feel blissful, thankful and even anticipatory.
Her most content time is when she can be of service in assisting  the true in heart into the waters of baptism.

"...and after thou hast been baptized by water, which if you do with an eye single to my glory, you shall have a remission of your sins and a reception of the Holy Spirit.." D&C 55:1