Monday, February 21, 2011

"...all thy children shall be taught of the Lord.."


This past Sabbath Day, in the Bujumbura Branche, many new blessings were occurring in the lives of these brand new members.  There were 104 members and friends of the church which attended the sacrament meeting today. Relief Society, Sunday School, Young Men's and Primary were all functioning with new leaders.  Here in this photo, at the baptism following the block of meetings, Thaddee (dressed in white), who is our new branche Mission Leader is conducting his first baptism.  He did such a wonderful job! 

A wonderful new member entered the waters of baptism. This is Merkiade (on the right).  His baptism in itself was a great blessing.  But another part of that blessing was that Methode, who was baptized  just five weeks ago himself, was the worthy instrument, with the proper authority, who baptized all of the candidates on Sunday.

One of the "rocks" of this little branch is Annie!  These are five of her granddaughters. They are all in Primary and very bright and adorable!  As each of the girls came up out of the waters of baptism, Annie welcomed them with a kiss and an embrace. Elders Kizimbou and Diazola have taught them the truths of the gospel!
Methode is a dear friend of Annie and her family.  In fact, Annie had a messenger come to her and tell her the name of the church that she should find, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She was told it would involve "whites" as teachers.  She even tried to start the church on her own with that name because she was unable to find it.  Methode was the man who told her that he had found the church by that name and that it was brought to Africa by the "whites". They both came from Baraka  to Bujumbura specifically to become members of the restored gospel on the earth!    It has taken much sacrifice and determination.   Have you ever seen such happy, contented faces? 
The very best part, however, was when Methode baptised his wife, Adidja, and his son, Laaca, and his daughter, Mauwa.  This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about.....UNITING FAMILIES!!!

"There never was a happier time among the people...." (Alma 50:23)

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  1. We're so happy to hear about Methode's family and Annie's granddaughters being baptized. Please tell HIM and Annie how happy we are for them to have family with them in the church. And tell Methode for me that I wore my beautiful fish dress when I did a fireside this week. Thank him for his sweet gifts. And give our love to the Elders. We think of you and pray for you every day. We miss you all.