Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Callings, New Members, Missionaries Transferred

 "And I trust, according to the Spirit of God..that I shall also have joy over you;"

The Branche de Bujumbura is slowly but surely getting organized.  99% of the members in this little branch have NEVER seen a functioning ward or branch.  They are receiving much training and instruction as to know how they can contribute to the branche.  It is taking much time, but time well spent.  As Elder Holland said, "We want to do it right!'
The future of the church here in Bujumbura depends on these beginning leaders to set the example for leadership in each of the organizations.
Today a new YOUNG MENS PRESIDENT was called.  This is Thomas! Thomas was one of the former pastors who was part of the group inviting the church to come to Burundi. There are many young men who will benefit from his open, inclusive love, love of the gospel of Christ and his leadership!
Salvator was called to be the first counselor in the SUNDAY SCHOOL PRESIDENCY!  Today in our Sacrament Meeting, Salvator was the interpreter. After the speaker gives the message in French, he translates it into Kirundi. His Kirundi is fluent and most understandable!

 Mariamu, Gracia, and Gloria have been called as R.S. Teachers!

After the block meetings, was our baptism. We have four new members as of today.  Pictured here are the the Elders that taught these individuals:  Elder Kizimbou, Elder Tshituka, Elder NGondo, Elder Frogley and kneeling is Elder Diazola.  In the center, dressed in white, are Frere Methode who was baptizing.  In front of him is Wamwanya, Janet, Joseph and Anosh.

Elder Mousa ........and....

...Elder Kizimbou are leaving Bujumbura.  They are being transferred to the D.R. Congo Lubumbashi areas. We cannot express how we will miss them but know they are called to serve elsewhere at the hand of our Father who knows where they are needed.
We also have two new Elders tranferring into Bujumbura.   We are excited to meet them and feel of their spirits.
"But blessed be the name of God, that he hath given me to know, yea, hath given unto me the exceedingy great joy of knowing that they are established again in the way of his righteousness."
 Alma 7:4

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  1. We love hearing the news from Burundi. It's still in our hearts. We're thrilled to see Wamwanya baptized and I recognize Janet, but the other two are the first that we've not known. It's strange, but awesome that there will be many who we won't know who will join the branch.
    Give our love to Elders Moussa and Kizimbou and tell them we'll see them in awhile when they go home. Elder Kizimbou said he wouldn't be sad when we left because we'd see each other in Point Noir someday. We expect a full report on the wonderful things he does on his mission when that day comes. Keep up the good work.