Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Excusez moi, Madame. What IS that???"

Believe it or not, a pie company in Bridgeport, Connecticut is responsible for the invention of the Frisbee. A man by the name of William Russell Frisbie decided to open a bakery in the 1870's. He wanted this bakery to be a homemade pie bakery, so he had to decide the type of container he would use for the pies. William bought pie plates that were made out of tin and had the name of the bakery embossed on the bottom. This was the beginning of an invention that would be a part of history.  But, in the mid 1940's, Yale University students would use the empty pie tins to toss between themselves. The campus was not far from the Frisbie Baking Company. The Frisbie Baking Company also had locations throughout the region.

The history of the Frisbee continues with a man by the name of Walter Frederick Morrison, who believe it or not had an interest in exploring the concept of flying saucers. Flying saucers were a reality for Morrison. He would contemplate in his mind the idea of alien life and the possibility of the aliens visiting earth and other planets. During the 1950's, filmmakers were capturing this idea and creating on film. He wanted to give his concept of flying saucers more publicity and exposure so he made a lightweight metal toy disk. The Pluto Platter came to be.

Wham-O and Mattel have made THE FRISBEE legendary......except in Africa. At least here in Burundi, no one has seen one before.

When we knew the Dow's were coming from the U.S., Elder Frogley asked them to bring some Frisbees. 

Elder Frogley first used them, as an object lesson for the Zone Leaders, Elder Kintembila and Elder Moussele.

The basics in any sport such as grip, wrist, arm motion are essential to the successful outcome.  The same goes for missionary work!  After Elder Frogley taught them how and they began to have success,  he asked them, "What did you learn?"  They said, "It is harder than it looks! It takes skill.  If you hold it right first, you might have a good throw. Even when you know the technique, you still have to practice to get it right. Learning to throw is only the first part, you have to learn to catch not duck.  When you get it right, it really feels good."   Elder Frogley said, ".If you don't get that form in your work, it will flop.  The outcome will be as discouraging as the frisbee throw."

After some hilarious practices and alot of laughter, they began to pay attention to the details and really improved their throws.

Then Elder Frogley took the Elders inside to teach them from this Leadership Disc, likening it, of course, to the Frisbee.

Last Saturday, our new little Branche de Bujumbura had their first ward activity!  It was to be a Futbal Game (which, of course, is Soccer)! Soccer is huge here and they are very accomplished in the sport.

They met in a large area with three soccer fields with goal posts.  The young men (including many friends of the church) played against the Elders Quorum (plus more friends of the church)!

 Elder Badibanga organized the children to play soccer on a smaller scale.  I was impressed with his patience and teaching skills. The children really enjoyed him as their teacher.  It was great fun!

The man in control of the ball in this photos is in our Branch Presidency, Frere Johnson!  He speaks a little English.  When he saw Elder Frogley throwing the disc across the field, he came over toward me and said, "Excusez moi, Madame.  What IS that??"

Since only so many can play in a soccer game at one time and because we had no other soccer balls,  Elder Frogley decided it was time to.........

 begin teaching the "how to's" of a frisbee.  It drew many young men from a neighboring school.  They were all extremely curious as they saw the disc sail smoothly across the sky.

For some it was easy and natural, but for most it was a real challenge and alot of fun!
Learning to catch it was also a challenge !

They reached a level of skill where Elder Frogley felt he could start on Frisbee Football.  The young men along with our R.S. President, Sister Magnifique, really enjoyed this game!

After a huge downpour, which only stopped the games for a while, activities resumed and the children even had a chance to play with the frisbee.  The children's natural ways of throwing made it both dangerous and funny!! We laughed and they giggled.  It was a very successful first Branche Activity!
"....and men are, that they might have joy." 2 Nephi 2:25

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