Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Gifts At Christmas 2010

This will be our first Christmas in Africa.  We splurged and purchased this little tree to put up in our little flat.  It is really nothing like home but it is a reminder of home!! And we REALLY MISS our FAMILY!! We will not be putting gifts under this little tree but we have already been RECEIVING GIFTS!!

Our first gift was last week when ELEVEN NEW MEMBERS were baptized!

Each new member is a such a blessing but the man in the center, of this photo, had been baptized two weeks earlier. This past Sunday, he was able to baptize with authority his wife and children!!!  That is a gift!!

The next gift was the MEMBER SUPPORT!  We had almost the entire group come from our chapel to support these new members at their baptism!!

Elder Tshituka is instructing these two new priesthood holders on preparations of the sacrament.  That is a great gift!

New members that are eager to SERVE is a gift!  This young man, who is now a Deacon, walks each Saturday for our chapel cleaning!  He walks a long way by himself and is always early and eager to help!!

This young lady came last week to help clean on Saturday, too!  She swept two flights of stairs and helped set up chairs in our newly redesigned little chapel.

Teaching new investigators is a gift!!  This man is an amazing member.  He has eleven children!  His beloved first wife passed away but this is his next adorable wife and his two youngest children! Craig and I love going to visit them and she is currently studying and reading to understand the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another gift was our Zone Conference.  We loved have our visiting authorities fly in from very far away to inspire and teach us!

Having Sister Packer, President Packer, President Koelliker and Sister Koelliker was truly a gift!!

No, there won't be gifts under our little tree this year but we know that the gifts we are receiving will also be gifts we share with our Savior and Redeemeer!

Our greatest personal gift is the gift Jesus Christ gave to all mankind! It is the gift of His condescension, His holy birth, His exemplary life and His ultimate sacrifice and atonement!  There is no greater gift!!


  1. You two are giving the greatest gift you can give. I am sure the people in Africa are so thankful that you are there to teach and help them understand the Gospel. I love the nativity!! It was so hard to see on skype. It is gorgeous in your picture though. We sure do love and miss you. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Those pictures were so inspiring! I could feel the spirit while reading your post-thank you so much for sharing some of your life and adventures with us :). We love you!!

    Jason, Jami, and Addi

  3. Our very dear Frogleys,
    You are both an inspiration to our ward. We do so love to see your pictures, your smiling faces, and to know that you are alive and well and doing God's work in that land where His love is so needed.
    The Newmans send their love and blessings and constant prayers for your good health, your protection and your excellent work. LOVE YOU!