Tuesday, December 14, 2010

African Animals with French Pronunciations (for our granchildren!)

This is an African Bird that is one of my favorites.  These birds are native to Burundi!  We had one get caught in our stairwell and Papa rescued it and safely released it.  In English or French, it is called an African Hoopoe.

The following photos have the American spelling, the French spelling, and in parenthesis (the french pronunciation or at least close to it).  Good luck on your pronunciations and HAVE FUN!

There are many, many animals in Africa! We just thought that while our granchildren are on Christmas break that they might have fun trying to learn to pronounce the names of some of the animals in           French.  Hints: Remember to almost swallow your r's! When it says "le" before the animal name, it is pronounced like look without the k!          
Iguana - Iguane - (eegwan)

Antelope - Antilope - (on-tee-lowp)

Frog - Grenouille - (gru-noo-ee)
Cheetah - guepar - (gaypar)
Camel - le chameau - (le shah-MOH)

Gorilla - le gorille - (le go-REE)

Zebra- Zebre - (zei-br)

Lion - le lion - (le lee-OHN)

Wildebeest - Gnou - (g-noo)

Monkey - le singe - (le sehnzh)

Giraffe - la girafe - (law zhee-RAHF)

The elephant - l'elephant - (lay-lay-FAHN)

Leopard - leopard - (lay-o-par)

Jackal - chacal - (shac-ALL)

Hippopotamus - l'hippopotame - (lee-poh-poh-TAHM)

Butterfly - la Papillon - (law pap-ee-owe)

Rhinoceros - le rhinoceros - ( le  ree-no-say-RAHSS)

The Animals called the missionaries. Les animaux appelle les missionionaire!(lay zan-ee-MOH ah-pell lay mee-see-oh-nayr)!

For more fun.....ecrivez les mots en francais!

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