Monday, December 20, 2010

Our 3rd P-Day in Bujumbura!

Bujumbura is really a plant paradise!  With all of the rain and with it's location just three degrees below the equator, as we left on our preparation day activity, I snapped several shots of just beautiful plants.  They are limitless!!!

You never know what you will see here in this city!  So I just took photos along our journey for the day!  I don't know if you can see the sweat down this man's back but those logs were really heavy!

This is a common sight here.  Religious clothing of all kinds are on display.  

When it gets hot, the umbrellas come out.  If you notice, both of the front women have babies tied on them under their penias  (large cloth tied around their middles).  You can see the baby's head easily on the woman on the right.  The woman going the other direction on the left has only a little baby foot showing on her right hip! 

The unemployment rate is extremely high!  Seeing men just sitting around in groups is sadly a common scene!

This woman is hiring a moto-taxi man to take her to a wedding!!!  As you can see, she is all dressed up for the festive occasion!!  These motorcycle taxis are very, very numerous. They weave in and out of traffic so quickly and without restraint.  Elder Frogley says, "They are like flies.  They are everywhere and come out of nowhere!!"

Everything goes on the head!

This woman was just walking by!  Do you see the deep gutter behind her?  These gutters are such a blessing!  They are very deep and catch the huge amounts of water when the skies open up here and drench the land!

This women just walked down from a village to get supplies.  They walk long distances.  You can see another baby!

I missed the woman that should have been in this photo!  But I did catch her goods.  She had spread cut, dried grass first on the ground and then she carefully laid out her little silver fish to dry in the sun!  They sell these little fish in almost every market!  They are eated bones and all!!

This adds new meaning to a head shot!! I had never seen an umbrella held up over the load on their heads before but it makes sense.

At this season, you see young men all over trying to sell their artificial Christmas trees! There are no real ones!! But then, pine trees don't grow here!

Bicyclists are everywhere with their goods.  These two have an entire bedroom set with them!!

Many intersections are very busy like this one! The light blue tricycle had a handicapped woman pedaling with her arms and her two sons (one pushing and one in the yellow shirt riding).    There are many people in need!!

As the day got hotter, more umbrellas came out!!

We finally arrived for lunch at the Hotel du Lac ( Lake) Tanganyika

These are not plastic!!  These are the actual blossoms that are over a foot long!!

This photo I took right from our table in the outside restaurant!  Beautiful setting!  You can see Lake Tanganyika in the background and then the two crowned-crains on the grassy area. The sandy beach surrounds the area. Can you see what an oasis this is to come to?

The Crowned Crains came right up to where we were, looking for food, of course!  But they kept their distance and did not disturb us.  Well-mannered! They are the National Bird of Burundi!

This was a big splurge of a lunch to celebrate my birthday!! Thanks, Honey!!

We were also celebrating the 41st Wedding Anniversary of Elder and Sister Jameson!!

After we enjoyed lunch, we walked out on the beach to enjoy the surf!  It was breezy and it felt wonderful!! 

Relief from the heat and humidity is always a blessing!!!

Elder Frogley even rolled up his pant legs to wade out just as a fisherman came by! The fishermen's main catches of this lake are Sangala and El Capitan.  Our stay for a couple of hours made us feel like we were on some remote island!

Then reality hit, as we came back out!  This woman is carrying cassava root in her basket which is one of the main foods of the natives here!   As I gazed upon this woman, I was reminded that she in the pre-mortal life was one of those valiant souls who had raised her hand to indicate that she, too, would follow the Savior's plan and come to this earth for a mortal experience., as each soul on this planet did or we would not be here.  That she, too, would agree to be tried and tested .  She now needs an opportunity to be reminded of her valiancy and of who she is and why she is here on this earth.  She, too, is a beloved daughter of our Father in Heaven.

Like I said before, you just never know what you will see! This man reminded me of the valiant spirit that drives survival and the need to provide for the ones we love!  The love of Christ lies deeply within each soul! This man, too, is beloved of our Savior!

Thank you for sharing our P-Day activity with us!! Spending time in the beauties that our Father in Heaven has provided for our joy is refreshing! In fact, about 4 weeks ago, while driving on this beach road headed to do some mission errands, Elder Frogley and a visiting authority saw 2 hippos right here on this beach.  They had their cameras ready on the way back, but the hippos were gone!  We surely did enjoy our day and would love to have had you along with us in reality!

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  1. Noel Nziza mwese, merci pour le documntaire et les photos, et surtout les petits messages pour decrire les evenements. Big hug