Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Usual UNusual Sights in Bujumbura - Part 2

All the women carry their babies like this until the child is about two years old. USUAL!  It is extremely practical.  The babies have their legs wrapped around Mommies waist.  The babies sleep and are secure even if the women have to be pulling weeds or lift heavy object up on their heads or with any type of effort.  This is a member Mother!  Her baby is darling and so is she!

This really looks Medieval but it is actually a mosque being built in the usual construction pattern here in Bujumbura, with sticks securing the cement as in dries. Kind of looks like something out of the movie, Lord of the Rings!!The sticks will be shown later down this page.( Sorry, I could not get this to shift properly on the page.) UNusual looking but very usual!!

Bujumbura's downtown area is a very progressive city for Africa. Because of the huge amounts of rain, they have designed their streets with the large gutter in the center of the streets and brick sized cement barriers to keep cars safely away, so both sides of the street slant into the gutter. When the giant downpours occur, AND THEY DO OCCUR, all of the water runs to the center of the road!  Ingenious, huh?

 With the Lake Tanganyika, just on the other side of these trees, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo mountains in the background, Bujumbura sees really UNusual sunsets on a usual basis! Beautiful!!
 This is a Flamboyant Tree!  They are very usual here and are found throughout this area. It is Elder Frogley's favorite tree!
These next three photos give you an idea of the sticks I was mentioning on the Mosque that was being built(above).  The construction turns out quite nicely. It just seems quite the crazy way to do it!  Unusual!!

 It is the rainy season!!  This was taken just over the fence of our place. It is always, so far, accompanied with loud thunder and huge flashes of lightning! In our experience at first, the storms came and went within an hour or so.  Yesterday, it rained most of the day! When Craig went on his walk, the next morning, the land was dry with just a few puddles.  This land  is like a sponge! It drinks up the water almost instantly.  Unusually usual!
The LaBaguette Magique is the bakery that makes most of the Pain Gris (which is whole wheat bread) for the city of Bujumbura! We stopped by there this week and the three individuals you see are not patrons, they are beggars.  This is highly usual, but as you can see, they truly are in desperate need.  The man has only one leg and is elderly. The woman on the right is very old and seemed to not be able to see well.  The woman on the left was dressed extremely poorly and had a little infant laying on the cobblestone on the other side of her.  They were all so very grateful when we were able to share some Burundian Francs with them.

 There are so many people who live in Bujumbura! This is just one of the roads near the downtown market place.  These are the places we, the white people, are not allowed to go.  Even our native young African missionaries had bad experiences there.  One Elder caught a hand in his front pocket and luckily saved his belongings.  His companion on the same trip, had a young child sit on his foot and wrap his legs and arms around his leg and beg for something to eat. This is Usual!

 This is a water source!  Wherever you find a water source, you will find the people from the outskirt villages of town coming every day to fetch their families water.  They have no running water out in the hills.  As you see, sometimes it is a bucket, dishpan, or bidon!  Usual!
 It is most Usual to see all kinds of things being transported by bicycle!  I hope to get a dining room set photo soon.  One dining room set being transported by one bicycle!!  UNusually usual!
On the way out to Lake Tanganyika, there must be an ice cream industry.  We saw several of these coming down the road.  Yes, they are ice cream tricycles! UNusual!

These are crazy MUZUNGUS! (white people) No only are they white people but they are missionaries from the United States of America in AFRICA!  They are constantly stared at no matter where they go! There are only FOUR(one is taking the photo) of them in all of Burundi, sooooooooooooo  they are  UNusual!

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