Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Jamesons, Our Amazing Companion Missionary Couple!!

Elder and Sister Jameson are really ' on-the-go people!!  They have been here in Africa for 14 months and their sincere kindness, their knowledge of Africa and the workings of the church here have blessed our lives, even before we arrived.
Before their mission call, they were recruited to serve a mission in Geneva, Switzerland but they were in for a big surprise when they received their mission call to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Africa Mission!!!

Father in Heaven knew where he could best use their many strengths and qualities.  They both have such wonderful experience in the church and they have and are blessing many, many lives (including ours) with their testimony and diligent service!!
As they first arrived, they spent only three days in Kinshasa and then were flown hundreds of miles away to the city of Lubumbashi!!!  They were the only missionary couple serving there for over ten months. It was a "do-it-all" mission and they rose to the challenges with much hard work and dignity!! They took care of all the young native missionaries in several cities.  Those missionaries love them like their own parents!
 The branches and people flourished and grew under their care!  They traveled long hours and visited many out of the way villages and cities!! They took assignments from President Headlee and followed through with precision.  The members and non-members grew to love and respect them for their honesty and  love of this restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are African PIONEERS in every sense of the word!!

When the Kinshasa Mission was split, the new Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Africa Mission was created.  They were excited to have other senior missionaries come and help!!  On June 30th, 2010,  President and Sister Gary Packer, the new Mission President and Matron arrived along with one missionary couple,  Elder and Sister Frogley!!
 For the next four months, we all worked hard to set up the new mission!!! The Jamesons had layed a strong, firm foundation for this new mission.  They had arranged housing and worked on getting the new Mission Home built for the Packers and the New Mission Office!  Every time that we looked in a new corner of the mission, their love and handiwork appeared!! They LOVE Lubumbashi and the Congolese people!!

In September 2010, the Jamesons and the Frogleys, along with eight young native missionaries were sent to Bujumbura, Burundi.  It is still in the same mission but about 600 miles away from Lubumbashi! Many tears were shed by Sister Jameson as she left the city of Lubumbashi that they had learned to cherish!

Here in Burundi, the gospel had been established in 1992 but a horrific war tore the city and government out of stability.  The church sadly pulled out in 1996.  So, HERE WE ARE trying to reestablish the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints again!  ElderJeffrey R. Holland even flew here to offer a Dedicatory Blessing on this land. The blessing was truly  from a Heavenly Father who loves his children here in Burundi and very applicable to the needs of the people and the country.

 The stories and history of the past are heart-wrenching but many new stories of joy and happiness are miraculously occuring each hour, each day and each week!  We are grateful to our companions, the Jamesons, for their leadership, friendship, example, encouragement, service and love!

ps.  Sister Jameson also writes a creative and amazing blog about the mission here. With permission, I give this for you to view........................... http://www.grammyandpapas.blogspot.com/   It is really worth a look!!:)

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