Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Usual UNUSUAL Sights in Bujumbura ~ Part 3

Here in Bujumbura there are 233 different religions, soooooo it is USUAL to see all kinds of different clothing which represent different beliefs.  I guess we even fit into that catagory, especially with our missionary badges, which means a great deal to us in representing the restored church of Jesus Christ in these latter days! Our badges, because of the name of Jesus Christ on them, begin many wonderful discussions on the spot!!
 It is USUAL for Elder Frogley to buy things from vendors on the street, like this man who sold him a basil plant which I still nurture and clip the leaves to use in my cooking.  That is UNusual.   It is also usual for Elder Frogley to start bartering with one man and soon have five or more wanting him to buy many more of their products.  We have purchased strawberries (which are not easy to find), lettuce that was quite bitter, african masks, wooden hippos, a wooden elephant, a clay hand made pot (that the basil plant is in), melons, pineapples, bananas, spices, and a Burundian nativity set.  Many more are offered.  I wonder what he will buy next??? 
This is still quite an UNUSUAL sight here in Bujumbura!  We hope that more and more it will become USUAL for dark and light skinned hands to work together in the love of Christ.

This is just at UNUSUAL chair that I enjoyed sitting in.  It is a chair that is seen all over this city.  It is made of dried pre-shaped wood and cowhide.  When I sat in it, I was pleasantly surprised with its UNUSUAL comfort!

Guess what this is?
There are many, many varieties of palm trees here in Bujumbura.....more than I ever thought could exists. They are each very beautiful in their own way!  This has huge needles as you can see.  They are not flimsy.  They are very stiff and sharp like a cactus needle. UNUSUAL!

 Elders Frogley and Jameson are standing next to the tree with the needles in the above photo.  UNUSUAL but looks usual until you get up close and personal!
 At the market we live near to and pass every day, we see these men carrying their goods to walk around and sell throughout the city.  They are sheets and pillows. For Bujumbura, this is very usual. Now look below.
 This is what happens as they organize their goods. UNUSUAL!  Now, when I buy things, I ask, "Where have these items been before I purchased them???"
Where do you buy your purse or a purse for your wife? UNUSUAL!!

 This is sadly a USUAL sight ithroughout Bujumbura.  Just like the scripture......"For which of you, intending to build a tower (house), sitteth not down firsst, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? (Luke 12:28)."  This structure is straight across the road from us!  There are three men who live there.  That is USUAL in Africa.  If there is a place uninhabited, it WILL be lived in by someone!!
 This beautiful bird is the Crowened Crain!  I have seen them several times.  They are UNUSUALLY beautiful!  They are the official Bird of Burundi.  It is on many official ensignias of the city and country!
 Here is the R.C. Willey of the city!!  There are actually many woodworking places! Usual!  The UNUSUAL part is that their showroom is on dirt and is uncovered outside taking up a half of a block! I wonder what they do in the downpourings of rain????
This is a home in the hills of Bujumbura!  It is very USUAL for the homes in Africa to have many people living there! Almost every family takes in others.  There are so many who are needy.  As you can see there are many living in this small home!  In one of the members homes here in Bujumbura, there is the USUAL family of six, the parents and four children, who have taken in a young girl of 12 whose mother cannot support her any longer.  They have also a young man of about 16 that is living on their property who is not a familly member that needs help!   Even with as little as they have, they reach out and help others on USUAL basis! UNUSUALLY Christ-like!

 I took this photo out the truck window! This woman is on a bicycle. USUAL!  She is sitting behind the driver with her little boy in front of her and her baby tied on the back while she is holding a blue suitcase. I saw another woman just like this only on a Motorcycle taxi (very usual, too). She put her third child in front of the driver!!  UNUSUAL!!(and very trusting of the mother, in my book!)
 Heading up the main road to the hills of Bujumbura, this is a USUAL sight.  There are many homes and vendors trying to sell their goods. You can see the congolese mountains in the background.  That means Lake Tanganyika is between here the the mountains.
These next two photos were taken by a blogger, Joe Lapp.
Children will be children!!  USUAL!  But sometimes they use different things for TOYS.  A large buzzing beetle is a great toy, especially when you don't have any other toys. It is spectacular FUN!!! I have seen children playing soccer with a plastic water bottle, sliding bottle caps for fun or men using them to play checkers.  Yesterday, I saw the proverbial bicycle tire,off the bike, being rolled with a stick by the child running along side of it. He was laughing purely out of enjoyment.  I have seen children racing leaves in the gutter. They are resourceful!                      Even stones become toys!!
All children have a divine thread running through them.  If given the knowledge, that thread of divinity becomes a life line even in a difficult culture. You can see the light in their eyes. They are no different than any other child of God. Thank heavens, that is not UNUSUAL!

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  1. Love your new format. It's very Africa. It's fun to see all the things we've done from your perspective.