Thursday, December 26, 2013

Traveling to our new mission: from Icy Weather to Sunshine!

From outside our apartment at BYU-Hawaii - Aloha


Even in the opportunity to serve the Lord, " needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so,...righteousness could not be brought to pass.." (2 Nephi 2:11)

Dec. 19, 2013, THE DAY OF OUR TRAVEL FROM THE MAINLAND TO THE ISLAND OF OAHU, HAWAII... was to be a simple trip. 
However, here are the notes Sister Frogley made as we progressed:

Travel from SLC, UT to  LAIE, HI

3:15 am -The alarm went off at home in Draper. We finished plasticizing our room. Drank smoothies that I made last night. Finalized suitcases.

4:15 am - Adam, our son, started loading our 6 large bags in his sweetheart's car.

4:30 am -Left home. Adam and Nikki road with us as Craig drove Nikki's car through rain turning to snow. It was a slow go. Past a car on the freeway that had slid into the divider facing the oncoming, one way traffic.

5:30 am -Arrived at the airport after freezing rain on icy roads. Thanked and hugged Adam and Nikki for their loving servicei!  Adam was so sick!  He really should not have come. SO SORRY, Adam!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  

5:55 am -Checked in our 4 big 50 pound bags. Went through security. Arrived at Gate A3 and relaxed a bit.

6:55 am -Boarded on time . Could not take our carry-ons inside the aircraft. Instructed to leave them just outside the plane entrance. Sitting in seats 7A&B.

7:25 am-NO TAKE OFF! Iced over plane! Take Off DELAYED!

Stopped aircraft taxiing to have a crew spray plane down with de-ice solution (peach colored) by TAC AIR.  Man in crow's nest hooked on top of the truck was driven around the plane to spray peach stuff all over the plane for 12 minutes, then they began spraying wings down with lime green spray for another 6 minutes. THIS TOOK UNTIL 8 am.

8:00 am -The plane taxied to runway and waited for a turn to take off and idled for sometime.
ANOTHER DELAY ...because of the snow, they must plow the runways.

8:15  am. -The pilot announced that  we must return to the gate to refuel. Idling the plane engines at the runway has used up too much fuel. Also, since waiting in the snow storm, we must DE-ICE the aircraft AGAIN.

8:30  am - We have not begun the refuel or the de-ice process. The storm rages on dropping more snow!

8:40  am - We are back to the gate A3...but have not disembarked. The plane engine has been shut off. Refueling has begun. The stewardess is bringing water around.  People are up stretching.  Several people have decided NOT to fly today and left the plane to try and gather their luggage. 

9:05 am - There is a report that a jet has slid off the runway!  Not us, thankfully.  The airport just closed down.  We are all disembarking the plane!!  Back to Gate A3.

9:20 am - Back inside the airport just waiting! Announcement that they should re-open the airport in two hours.

11:10 am - We are reboarding the same American Airlines flight 2641 to LA.

11:30 am - De-ice process AGAIN! I could not even see out of the window (pictured).  The window was iced over so that we could not even look out.

12:15 pm - Finally in the air!!!!  On the way to Los Angeles!

3:30 pm - We arrived in LAX and went to the customer service center.

We have been rerouted to a standby flight direct to Honolulu ...with another option if we do not make that plane , to go on a flight to Maui and then connect another flight to  Honolulu.  It would put us there about midnight ( or 3 am our time) ( we will have been awake over 24 hrs).Then another hour to drive to Laie, where our apartment is! 

4:36 We did NOT make the Standby Flight directly to Honolulu.  We wait again for the flight to Maui.

5:45 pm - We board the aircraft that will take us to Maui BUT WE DON'T LEAVE!  We sit in our seat-belts wondering why the jet is standing still for so long? After 20 minutes past the departure time, the  pilot announces that one tire( of the ten on the jumbo jet 676) needs replacing. After 30 more minutes, he explains that they had to have the hydraulics checked and when the paperwork arrived in his hands from that check, we could depart. Waited another 30 minutes.

7:15 pm Finally in the air going to Maui. (5 hr flight-lost 2 hours in time change).

10:15 pm Arrival in Maui. Hurried to next gate.

10:54 pm In flight to Honolulu.

12:15 am - Arrived in Honolulu!

12:30 am - Picked up 4 large suitcases at baggage claim ..BUT our carry ons did not make it.  Filled out paperwork and showed luggage stubs for them to be located. ( They were stuck in Maui.)

1:15 am - Brother Eric Marlowe, from BYUH,drove clear from Laie (over an hour) to pick us up! He greeted us with a big "Aloha!" ,,,and put a flower lei around Janet's neck and a fruit lei on Craig. A lovely traditional Hawaiian greeting even in the wee hours of the morning! Thank you, Brother Marlowe!  We were so happy to see you!

2:15 am -  We arrived at our apartment!! Brother Marlowe had the key and helped us get our luggage inside!

2:45am Hawaii time - ( 5:45 am SLC  time)
Feeling so blessed and thankful to our merciful Father for His watchful love and we laid heads down on our pillows!!!


"The Lord is good to all; and his tender mercies are over all.." Psalms 145:9


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