Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Font of many blessings"

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But the same proprietor helped us locate a shop in her complex that would be good for a ground floor font. She was very accomodating. Josephine has been a real blessing to the progress of the church. We love her. This pictured font room has 4 dressing rooms and a closet to keep the baptismal clothing in. We hold the actual baptismal meeting in the chapel of the church and then everyone walks down (takes 2 minutes) to this font room for the baptisms.

Last Sunday, we had 11 new members baptized. Here there are eight missionaries around the outside edges (just look for their badges). There was a wonderful spirit of joy amongst them, which you can see on their faces. Several had members in their family baptized earlier. Completing families or even couples as members of the church is the most exciting part of all!!
Three members joined through baptism, the week before. The young girl on the right, Patience, has her Mother, who recently was baptized, on her right with her two siblings, Christian and Ange.
Frere Aimable's baptism made his entire family members. His darling wife, Domin, is the new Relief Society President of Bujumbura 1 branche. You can see the joy on her face. Elders Ngondo and Mpoyi taught Frere Aimable. This was dream come true for Sister Domin.
Two other young men were baptized the same day. Frere Jean Rostand and Frere Thomas.
Three weeks ago, we had nine other individuals who came to the waters of baptism and took the name of Christ upon them.
We feel honored and blessed to know these tender children of our Father in Heaven.
"....yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord. "Mosiah 24:15

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  1. How exciting to see the work growing so fast in your area. Congratulations to you and your missionaries.