Monday, January 24, 2011

Other New Beginnings in Bujumbura

Just as with a new season, the winds of change blow through.  With the Bujumbura Group, officially becoming a Branche, new changes are beginning, too!  With a Group, only Sacrament Meeting was authorized,  but now that the Branche is getting organized with new leadership, this past Sunday brought the institution of the "3 hour block"! A big new change for this new little branch.

The first Priesthood meeting was held.  The men started out in a smaller classroom, but it became too full even before the meeting began so they happily switched into the larger meeting hall. And...people were on time and enthusiastic!! The new Elders Quorum President, Frere Aimable, taught the lesson on the nature of God, the Father. There was a very meaningful doctrinal discussion amongst the men.

The first Relief Society meeting was held, with a new Relief Society President, Soeur Magnifique, presiding..  Sister Jameson gave the first lesson on what the programs of Relief Society are, such as Visiting Teaching, Sunday Education, and weekday Relief Society meetings.  As she taught in French, Sister Malabi translated it into Swahili. Most the women you see here are brand new converts to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Aren't they beautiful??

The first Primary went wonderfully!  Sister Frogley started with a brief message in French, explaining that Primary was especially for them to learn about the teachings of Jesus.  Anne-Marie translated that short message into Swahili and then masterfully continued to teach the children for another hour.  They were spell-bound with her excellent teaching skills and visual aids.

There has been much anticipation for the Branche to be officially formed.  Now missionaries can be called and several cannot believe that they can now put their papers in!

Even with the longer hours, the joy and excitement was very warm and wonderful!

 Our building is already s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d at the seams!  New plans are already in the works to make more room!

                                               This week we added over 100 new chairs!

 The future generation doesn't know it, but their whole future has been changed for the better by these events!
The word is spreading and the missionaries are keeping very busy!  Father in Heaven is sending wonderful winds of change for his children in Burundi!

This little boy is so appropriately named "Welcam".....for all ARE WELCOME by the open invitation of the Lord, which has never been rescended.... 

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  1. How exciting to have a branch and to watch the Church grow with leaps and bounds. I am so thrilled for you both. It must be a marvelous feeling to be a part of the great work there.