Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loosening the Bow String: Our Very Own P-Day

After the busy week, President Packer suggested that we have a couples' p-day while they were still here. So, we went in search of a place to do baptisms and got an idea for something fun to do. We went to a resort on Lake Tanganyika to see if we could find a stretch of private beach and found what was available and found the makings of a great p-day. It is beautiful!!!

I wrote to the President that there was a Lake Tanganyika cruise we could take and he got permission for us to do it. Some in the group were a little surprised and a little nervous about the idea of being on a lake in Africa that reportedly has both Hippos and crocodiles in it. But it turned out to be a glorious day!
Lake Tanganyika is estimated to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, the second deepest and also the world's longest lake. It's water is very blue and very clean and clear.
We planned on a small cruise ship for our adventure. Walking down to the shore, after having the Kermit the frog bus for the dedication, we were worried that this was the"cruise ship."
What we ended up with was something in-between the two boats. It was a nice little motor boat and they provided almost enough life jackets and assured us that there were NO crocodiles in this part of the lake. So, off we went.
It was sunshiny day and the water was still and peaceful. We saw fisherman in boats and near the shore catching sangala and capitaine, which are the big fish found in this lake. They also catch tiny fish that you cook and eat whole, bones and all. The elders love those nasty little fish and mix them in every topping they make for their casava. 
It was a relaxing and wonderful boat ride. After a short time we came to a place where the muddy water of the river that runs between Rwanda and Burundi enters the lake. You could see the contrast as the muddy water of the river came into the clear, beautiful water of the lake. The river is where the hippos like to stay. We headed into the river and had not gone far when we sighted hippos. As usual, they were mostly submerged so that just the tops of their heads and noses showed, but it was still fun to see them anyway.
We also saw hundreds of birds, mostly African ducks, but a few storks and other waterfowl hanging out right by the hippos, actually one bird was sitting right on one of the hippos above. Our boat's engine disturbed the birds and they all took to the air in quite a wonderful display.
On the way out of the river our little boat got stuck on a sand bar. NO problem! The two crew members just jumped out and pushed us off of the sand bar and back into the lake.

After the boat trip we stopped for pictures just to prove what a fabulous beach we were on.
The silica slivers in the sand make it glisten in the sun and look like it has tiny diamonds sprinkled in it.  It's one of the most beautiful beaches we've ever seen.
Then we had a delicious lunch at patio tables near the pool. We enjoyed great pizza, and chicken and fish kabobs. A word to the wise, never order hamburgers in Africa. They serve a really grim undercooked meat loaf in "hamburgers." Poor Pres. Packer ordered one here. Not a good choice!
But the ice cream was heavenly!!
It was a great way to unwind after a busy week and we enjoyed every minute of it. We've decided that we will have to spend another great p-day or two at beautiful Hotel du Lac Tanganyika. But then the men had decided that in August and could hardly wait to...
It is good to unstring the bow, taught Joseph when asked why he was relaxing under a tree, when there was so much to do. It was hard to have end but there are greater adventures ahead... Sunday will be our first convert baptisms!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Your posts have been very instuctive and we enjoy them. Carol's mother passed away early Monday morning. She was 92 years old and in an Alzheimer's care center. We are driving to Washington on Friday for the funeral that will be held on Saturday.