Monday, August 16, 2010

Termite Mounds

There are termite mounds everywhere in Africa.  The fact that termites have lived there and then vacated makes the mound very fertile and trees and bushes grow readily on them.  The bigger they are, the more likely there are no termites living there any longer.  The mounds can be anywhere from one to 15 feet high. They also can be 10 to 12 feet across. They are all shapes and sizes.  In some places, there are many in one mile square.  Yes, the africans eat termites.  I understand they are a good source of protein.  These are not small termites, they are about the size of a bee. This may be a great blessing to the bush people for a source of food in the dry season. Blessings come in many ways.We are in the dry season now.  The dry season has no rain for six months. 
This mound on the left has a little black goat that you can see about half way up on the first ledge on the left of it.  I only caught the image of the one goat but on the other side there were two more climbing this mound. Do goats eat termites?????


  1. Wow! Makes my daily blessings on the food lots more fervent! We take for granted a tuna fish sandwich.

  2. Okay, now were getting some serious cultural awareness. I'm just wondering how they prepare them? The Native American's ate insects of every kind. Dried them and ground them. Fourth grade fact! Fijian's ate unwanted guests, it puts it in perspective though doesn't it?