Monday, June 14, 2010

Preparations to be Missionaries in Africa

Let's start with immunizations.  Let's see ...there is diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitits A & B, polio, yellow fever, meningialcoccal meningitis, typhoid, and malaria.  We kind of felt like pin cushions, which would have been fine but Craig actually got hepatitis from that vaccination.  It was scary, long lasting and no fun at all. 
Secondly, we needed to send over in containers the products that you cannot get it Africa for our personal use.  When Craig picked up an overly heavy one, he herniated a disc in his low back after having rapidly moving out all of the things from our home of 17 years and ...just before we had to move into our new home.  Guess who couldn't lift let alone walk?
Thankfully, our son, Michael was able to give him excellent care!
Thirdly, we needed to get instruction from those who have been to the D.R. Congo, so we were blessed to have lunch with the Livingstones, Hendersons, Coxes and those who will be accompanying us...the Packers and the Giles. They gave us priceless insights!

Fourthly, we have had the opportunity to attend the Swahili Branch in downtown  to meet and get family referrals of those native africans who are from the areas we will be going.

Next,  we needed to buy all the things we need to pack and take with us. Wow!  We certainly have alot to put into our suitcases with limited sizes and limited poundage.  Wish us luck!
This past week, we attended the Preach My Gospel instruction at the Missionary Training Center.  What a marvelous experience to be with 40 other senior couples who are going all over the world to spread this message of truth! This coming week we will be trained to set up a new mission office in the D.R. Congo Lubumbashi Mission.
We also were able to be in Pres. B.K.Packer's office as he set apart our new Mission President, who happens to be his nephew. We count our many blessings at this time that "the opposition in all things" principle was observed and learned from. (Hebrew 11:40 JST)


  1. You guys are certainly preparing to do His great and marvelous work. I miss you already! SO MUCH LOVE!

  2. Wow, tremendous opposition and challenges beget wonderful influences in Africa. Love you guys.

  3. Excited to read all about your adventures in missionary work! I've done some work with the Burundi refugees in Salt Lake and am wondering if that's where you'll get to go... You'll be interested to know that for a YW service project last week we visited the Refugee Day Care downtown and did a craft with all the adorable African kids there. The young women LOVED it!