Sunday, May 16, 2010

Officially Called

Well the call is now official as we have received our letter from the Prophet. Before the letter came, in response to our submitting papers indicating our willingness to serve, we had been called by the mission president of the new DRC Congo Mission. He called us to accompany him into the new country and help set up the mission home. Then after everything is in place we will be sent to another country to establish the church amongst thousands, who, like those in Nigeria and Ghana some 15 or 20 years ago also petitioned for membership.  After reading the Book of Mormon, organizing into congregations and then wanting authority and the fulness of the restored gospel these faithful saints-to-be recognized that they needed divine authority.  We will be leaving sometime in June, still being set, to respond to these new petitions in a new country to a people who hear and recognize the shepherds voice.  There is much more to tell but some of that will have to be orally as we speak in Sacrament meeting May 23rd in the Dimple Dell ward in Sandy on 17th east and about 107th south at 11:00am.

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